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  • "My wife and I have had the distinct pleasure of dealing with Dr. Hadbavny for the better part of the last 2 years. We thoroughly enjoy his friendly and professional approach to patient care and have established an excellent rapport with him as a result. Dr. Hadbavny always makes time for his patients which makes booking very easy and it is very reassuring to see the many accolades Dr. Hadbavny has received from the local sports community including Tennis Canada. I would highly recommend Dr. Hadbavny and his fellow practitioners at Murray Chiropractic to anyone who values simplified booking, efficient treatment and expert diagnosis."


  • "One of the best I’ve worked with, Dr. Mike Hadbavny helped me through a tough period with a knee injury & improved my knowledge on the injury. His treatment and practices were always 1st class & you never feel like you are being rushed out the building, he makes time for you.Can’t speak highly enough of what he done for me, 100% recommend to anyone"


  • "I have been to many chiropractors over the last thirty years, and rate Dr Hadbavny in the top tier of practitioners. His treatments are thorough, from foot to top of head, with an emphasis on any particular issues that may be flaring up. I highly recommend him."

  • "Dr. Hadbavny is my first chiropractor and the only resource I'll ever need so long as we both live here in Victoria. We've been working together for over a year now, and I honestly don't know where I'd be without his expertise and assistance. He's professional, efficient, and very personable. Also... great sense of humour and he takes a legitimate interest in getting to know me as well, which I always appreciate during treatments. I'm an Ironman athlete standing at 6'11" and above 230lbs, which means I have very unique needs and challenges for a chiropractor. There's never a shortage of skillful advice and support on everything I'm working towards with my swimming, cycling, and running. He even lends his time attending several racing events in the community where my partner and I compete. Knowing he's at the finish line fills my joints with confidence should injury ever strike. I can't recommend Mike enough - a trusted friend and professional through and through.

  • "Dr. Hadbavny is incredibly dedicated to his craft and is one of the brightest chiropractors and manual therapists I've dealt with. He is constantly perfecting his technique and knowledge through training sessions with a rugby club and by attending continuing education seminars. You're in good hands with Dr. Mike!"

  • "Dr. Hadbavny is an excellent professional to seek out. I’m confident to say his knowledge far surpasses many of the physical therapists I have seen. He’s very realistic and honest about his approach and is always looking for what is best suited to get his client better, there is no ego involved in his work and it shows. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to take care of any sort of physical discomfort, whether it’s acute, chronic, spontaneous, nerve or emotionally related, Mike is a stand-up professional"

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