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Victoria Sports Chiropractor FRCCSS(C)

Fellow of the Royal College of Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Mike Hadbavny provides chiropractic care to Victoria, Saanich, Saanichton, North Saanich, Central Saanich, and the Greater Victoria Area. He holds a chiropractic fellowship in sports sciences meaning he has an additional five years of post-graduate training, and extensive experience with complicated injury and sports injury

He has worked with various local, provincial and national level athletes including Tennis Canada, Pacific FC, Victoria Highlanders FC, Victoria Ironman, BC Summer and Winter Games.

Dr. Mike Hadbavny graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and received a bachelors degree in physical education from Brock University. Dr. Hadbavny is a certified Emergency First Responder from the Canadian Red Cross, and has numerous certificates in player safety from Hockey Canada, and World Rugby.

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Best Chiropractor Victoria BC


Dr. Mike Hadbavny is a chiropractor located in wonderful Victoria British Columbia. His mission is for all his patients to reach their health goals and always wants you to have a great chiropractic experience.

His goal is to empower his patients to move pain free, and enjoy their lives.  At his chiropractic clinic he treats everyone from national level athletes to weekend warriors just looking to live their lives pain free. He treats all regions of the body with various therapies such as: Active Release soft tissue therapy, diversified adjustments, spinal decompression, class IV hot laser, spinal and postural rehabilitation. He also deals with ICBC motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, WCB workplace injuries, pregnancy pains, children and overall wellness.


As a local Victoria chiropractor, we are proud to serve the residents, visitors, and students of Saanichton, Saanich, North Saanich, Central Saanich, Broadmead, Royal Oak, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, Colwood, University of Victoria, Camosun College, and Greater Victoria British Columbia


Dr. Hadbavny has a keen eye for human movement with additional extensive education in the sports sciences. He applies his clinical expertise he has learnt by treating national level athletes to every patient he sees, from the weekend warrior, to someone just wanting to improve their lifestyle pain free. He strives to be the best chiropractor in Saanich he can be by constantly staying up to date on the latest evidence based practice and research publications.

Dr. Hadbavny helps patients with all types of musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains, strains, spinal disc herniations, pinched nerves, sciatica, various sports and athletic injuries, TMJ, lower back pain, neck pain and shoulder, knee and foot issues at his practice in Saanich BC.


He treats an array of conditions such as individuals with headaches, migraines, whiplash, arthritis and is currently accepting ICBC vehicle accidents and WCB workplace accidents that occur in and around Victoria, Saanich, Saanichton, and Greater Victoria area.


Dr. Hadbavny wants the best for his patients, and is committed to helping you get better and achieve your goals. He uses the latest research and methods to determine the best possible solution for your condition. He has  trained extensively towards an additional 5 years of study within the sport sciences and other methods such as:  Active Release Therapy soft tissue therapy, diversified adjusting, and clinical and athletic rehabilitation. He has the latest therapeutic technology such as Class IV laser, spinal decompression, and Interferential Current to help treat various injuries.


Accidents can happen, and he accepts all walk in patients and he can be reached by callinhis office today to see how he can help!


When you visit his office he will take a thorough history and physical examination this helps to build a clinical picture as to what exactly is occurring, and what we can do to help fix it, and prevent it from coming back.


We want to assess the patient from head to toe. The site of your pain is not always the cause of it and he believes you need to “stop chasing pain” if you want to find certain solutions. He assesses your movement patterns and anatomical lines, such as the “Spiral Line” based on Thomas Myer’s Anatomy trains. Everything in the body is connected by fascia and body parts do not act in isolation!


Dr. Hadbavny’s goal is to create the best chiropractic care for his patients as a chiropractor in Victoria BC. He’s believes in patient focused care, best available evidence, and up to date research publications to support what he does. Chiropractic care is safe and internationally recognized as a leader in musculoskeletal healthcare.

He is passionate about his profession and is the Vancouver Island Director of the BCCA (British Columbia Chiropractic Association). This has allowed him to push the profession forward with the current shift of patient centered, team based healthcare in BC.

We are conveniently located near Broadmead Shopping Centre at 4400 Chatterton Way Suite 105. Parking is free but can be busy at times. Call our office today at (250) 881-7881 to book your appointment.



Dr. Mike Hadbavny's goal is to exceed expectations and have a positive patient experience.


Here is what our patients have to say about the excellent care we provide.


Don't hesitate book today and we can help you on your path to health.

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